iMPULSE – All-in-one system for the Jewellery Industry

A fully integrated ERP platform for running a manufacturing shop in-house and moreover, it is entirely configurable to meet virtually any production setup and workflow.

iMPULSE – All-in-one system for the Jewellery Industry

A fully integrated ERP platform for running a manufacturing shop in-house and moreover, it is entirely configurable to meet virtually any production setup and workflow.

Jewelry inventory management

iMPULSE keeps an exact, real-time inventory of all finished goods and all materials stored.

  • Exact inventory tracking: see in real time your entire inventory, whether located in your safe or as work in progress on the shop floor.
  • Customer inventory: keep track of every item and component you receive from your customers, be it a piece of jewelry sent over for repair or metals and stones to be used in the fashioning of a new item. The customer inventory keeps track of each customer separately, ensuring you are always aware of what your customers have sent you, what properties the items have, what changes they’ve gone through and where they are currently stored.
  • Create your own jewelry styles (blueprints) and set up the bill of materials (components) and individual workflows for each style; you can also group similar jewelry styles into jewelry collections for easier management.
  • Define your own attribute sets for styles, depending on the type of styles you manufacture, and set your own prices for each attribute combination.
  • Product catalog: professional looking reports can be automatically generated with the most up to date information, including pictures, descriptions, properties and pricing, and can also be used with item variants. Product catalogs can be designed based on a custom template and are typically used for marketing purposes since the catalogs are typically sent out to customers.
  • Partition your inventory into easily managed groups so you have instant visibility of your jewelry styles, diamonds and any other inventory items.
  • Product ID: inventory items can be assigned a unique PID code, representative of a specific physical item, which can be used to track the status of items separately from other similar items. Know precisely where a specific inventory item is at any given time, track its progress and review its history using the PID tracking functionality.
  • Track the quantity and location of every inventory item from finished jewelry, metals and diamonds to precious stones, findings, components, even the wire and solder used in production.
  • Automatically convert jobs into styles to save bill of materials, workflow steps and costs for repeat orders
  • Automated location tracking: iMPULSE will track the location of every bit of material from many different warehouses down to the level of individual worker – you can define the locations and perform manual or automated transfers from one location to another.
  • Inventory locations and transfer: oftentimes a company’s inventory is organized into separate areas, or locations. iMPULSE’s inventory location functionality allows tracking the specific area in which items are located on the inventory, and the Inventory transfer functionality can be used to efficiently transfer items from one location to another.
  • Inventory adjust: even with the precise and careful inventory management, mismatches between the physical inventory and the digital inventory records can still sometimes occur due to user error or other unpredictable factors. The Inventory adjust feature can be used to quickly update the inventory quantity records of any item on the inventory.
  • Diamond lot management: iMPULSE automates your lot management, lot splits and transfers and allows you to dramatically speed up the management of your diamond inventory.
  • Consigned jewelry (memo) and items sent out on memos can be tracked separately based on the customer or vendor and can be billed automatically once they are sold or returned. Additionally, sales representatives may be assigned to consignments which allows tracking the sales of individual sales representative users and calculating their individual commissions.
  • Returned consignments can be tracked separately and the inventory is updated automatically once the consigned items have been returned.

Purchasing and supply management for a lean jewelry inventory

iMPULSE can create Purchase Orders to your vendors automatically whenever materials or supplies are needed.

Since iMPULSE has all the information needed to calculate your inventory needs, it can order items just when you need them, thereby providing for a lean, “just-in-time” inventory-driven manufacturing process.

  • iMPULSE can estimate your inventory needs based on your current sales orders, job orders and approved price quotes
  • Automated purchasing: based on the inventory needs and reorder levels set, it can generate Purchase Orders to your vendors and send them out either after you approve them or automatically.
  • Supply receiving: when purchased items arrive, you can track the contents of the package by taking images of the incoming items
  • Receipt of Goods: iMPULSE can track the received items and components which have been ordered from other vendors. Know exactly what you received, from whom, in what quantity and at what price. The received items are also automatically added to the inventory.
  • Vendor returns: if you received the wrong items, you can generate a vendor return form to send them back

Centralized customer and vendor management

iMPULSE’s Customer Relationship Management module centralizes the management of the data of your customers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a central part of every business. iMPULSE provides all the CRM functions necessary to seamlessly integrate your customers information with your real-time production processes.

  • 360-degree customer view: mapping of all customer interactions; you can view all customer related jobs, invoices, payments, email history and associated files
  • You can create customer groups and categories and create pricing categories.
  • iMPULSE has a flexible pricing system: you can create group-level pricing but also individual pricing models for your customers; you can further fine-tune your pricing by creating pricing models for individual styles or finished jewelry for a particular customer.
  • You can access all customer-relevant data under the CRM, like profile information, past job orders, invoices, notes, email communication between them and your staff, their preferences, etc.
  • iMPULSE automatically rates your customers based on criteria that you can set: how much they purchase, how well they keep up with their payments, etc. This information is always visible so you can take it into consideration whenever you deal with the particular customer.
  • iMPULSE automatically tracks any inventory that belongs to your customers: metals, diamonds, finished jewelry, consigned goods, etc.
  • You can improve your customer service as iMPULSE will alert you and your staff for any special needs of your customers during the manufacturing process, so you can make sure they get the level of service they require.
  • Vendor management allows you to build a relationship with your suppliers and service providers, organizing them into categories. Assigning vendor to Purchase Order can be performed with a simple step, you can even merge Purchase Orders for the same vendor.
  • Company locations: for customers having multiple branches, the various branches, or locations, may be used, tracked and billed separately on various orders, while allowing users to overview their accounting related information both separately and as part of the same customer.
  • Call logs: users may opt to save a summary of their phone conversations with customers in the form of call logs tracked separately for each customer, ensuring that important information discussed with the client is never lost.
  • Customer sales representatives: each customer may be assigned one or multiple sale representatives users, allowing you to make sure that each customer is handled by the representative that is most suited to their needs.

Diversify your sales strategy by integrating iMPULSE with eCommerce platforms

Automatic bi-directional data transfer between the back-office iMPULSE system and your eCommerce channels will allow you to operate more efficiently as a business by fulfilling orders automatically.

iMPULSE is integrated with Magento, WooCommerce (WordPress), Shopify, etc.

  • You can simply and quickly syncronize any jewelry styles and collections between iMPULSE and your webshop, including complex styles and its variants, therefore the buyers can easily configure the product attributes such as metal type, size etc.
  • The seamless connection between iMPULSE and your webshop allows you to use the same complex and advanced jewelry pricing structure as iMPULSE has.
  • The complete profiles of your registered webshop users are automatically mapped into iMPULSE, therefore you don’t have to transfer it manually.
  • Jewelry orders from your webshop or other eCommerce platforms are generating sales orders straight in iMPULSE, allowing you to create work orders without double data entry.
  • Customers can track their order’s status through your site due to real-time syncronization with iMPULSE.